Traveling alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. Or desperate or unlovable.
Whether by choice or default, being single is a great place to be. 
In a word: Exploration. 

Sometimes when we’re single we forget that being alone doesn’t mean we are without love. Maybe we experience love more when we’re single as we haven’t focused the sole of our energy on one person. We get to share our life and love with friends, family, and most importantly, ourselves.

You can have your cake and eat it, too. See, that’s the beauty of being single. You get to decide everything about your life. From how you spend your time to what you're spending it on, you have the power of choice. It’s not being selfish; it’s being selective. You can choose with intention instead of out of fear.

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If you are in or around the Seattle Metro Area and would like to sit down together to begin creating the life you have always imagined, this is where you’ll find me. I’m excited to work with people who believe, as I do, that connection is the single most important part of life. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning, through a hard day, through a great day, and allows me to rest peacefully at night.


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I designed this course especially for the single woman hoping to learn how to live a more meaningful life and build amazing relationships with others. Designed to fit into your busy life and crazy schedule, requiring nothing but internet connection to access all that the Life Courses can offer. Ready to inspire you whenever and wherever you are. Follow this link if you’re ready to learn how to live a more connected life.



You can begin today by accessing over a dozen FREE downloadable guides to help you begin working on your relationships with yourself and others today. You don’t need a therapist to begin. You only need a map. And I’m handing them out at no cost to you. Get your access code here.



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I can help you know what to look for in a partner, how to weed out the travel companions that don't fit you, and discover what you really want so you can start choosing from a stable, grounded place. Come to the dating page to get started.